Just Text/Text Messenger F.A.Q

How to get up and running with an account!

1.Download Just Text from Aptoide,Google Play,etc
​2.Launch the app and press "Start Messaging"
​3.Put your area code in and phone number and press the tick
​4.Then put your Full Name is the box and press the tick again
​5.Then the interface will show and your done!!

How to text people

1. press the pencil button in the corner
​2. if you already have people in your contacts that already use Just Text it will automaticly show up if not you can do a global search by pressing the search button and searching some ones name and wait a few seconds and it will activate
3. press on someone's name you found and send them a message to start then it will be added to your homepage

How to change your chat background

1.click the 3 lined button
2.click on settings
​3.click on Chat Background
​4.wait for all the backgrounds to load in and pick one

How to add an additional password

1. click the 3 lined button
​2.click settings
​3.click Privacy and Security
​4.click Two-Step Verification
​5.click Set Additional Password
​6.enter password you want to make
​7.Renter it
8.Make a password hint
​9.make a recovery password or skip this step
10.check email for link to make it mine was in spam
​11.click the link then your all done

How to change your language

1. press the 3 lined button
2. press on settings
3.press on language
4. select your language
​5. done