Just Text

Just Text is our latest app for download its on google play and has more features.

Text Messenger Pro Early 2016

Text Messenger Pro is on the google play store but it was buggy and was not so popular at all.

Text Messenger 4.1 Early 2016

It was not even released it had viruses and bugs so we can not release it some of the bugs were crashes,Failed to send message,Background changer error,Failed to send photo and videos.

Text Messenger Demo Early 2016

There's many reasons why it failed it was supposed to be the demo version of Text Messenger 4.0 but there were so many bugs it was only released for 1 month and we were planing to release version 2.0 but we did not bother with we just moved on to Text Messenger Pro and its not available for download.

Text Messenger 4.0 late 2015

This app was the most popular version of this Just Text apps.

Text it mid 2015

It was not a very popular app since so many apps already used the same name so nobody can find it.

Text Manager 1.1 early 2015

This was the first public released version of Just Text people sayed that it was to hard to use so we fixed that in later versions like Text it and Text Messenger 4.0 and Just Text.

Text Manager Classic/1.0 mid 2014

People nicknamed it Text manager classic because it was the first version that had a Normal looking UI but it was not a public released version because it was hard to use and had no features the only features that it had was messaging and importing photos and some emojis.